Planning Application

We have now submitted an outline planning permission for the long-awaited £100 million regeneration of North Westgate. The supporting documents for the planning application can be viewed on Peterborough City Council’s planning portal by clicking on the following link.

What distinguishes this proposal is its focus on regeneration and the benefits it will bring to the city centre as a whole, creating a strong visitor destination in the northern part of the city centre and acting as a catalyst for the renewal of a much wider area between the station, central ward and Cathedral Square, including Cromwell Road and Westgate itself. Importantly, the scheme will also provide a key link between the station and the city centre.

Since our public consultation in April we have further developed our plans in light of the thoughts and comments offered by the public.

Our final proposals include

  • The creation of a new public piazza centred on Westgate Church giving space and prominence to the most architecturally valuable building within the site and providing a focal point for the surrounding area.
  • A new network of pedestrian streets and thoroughfares radiating outwards from this urban square. Lined with a mixture of leisure, retail, office and entertainment facilities,they will create a vibrant new public realm and a lively, bustling and vibrant atmosphere throughout the day and evening.
  • The Food Hall will introduce a new concept to the city, providing a place for the rich mixture of cultures in Peterborough to celebrate their diversity through the shared experience of food.
  • A new water route taking inspiration from the existing Stone route and Green route concepts, adopted for the city’s public realm strategy in the last century. Rather than removing all rainwater immediately from sight, as in a conventional piped drainage scheme, it would use water imaginatively in the landscape to create attractive public spaces. The plans also now include a pedestrian and cycle route through the heart of the development to create identity, reduce flood risk, use water more sustainably, as well as promoting urban cooling and opportunities for wildlife.
  • The buildings around Westgate church that need to be demolished to make way for the new square will be replaced and additional community space provided.
  • A range of apartments will provide new and attractive city centre living opportunities to a mixture of people introducing a new community to the heart of the proposed development.
  • An integrated sustainability strategy will introduce trees, flowers, wildlife and water into the development, creating an environmentally friendly aesthetic and bringing to life the aspirations of Peterborough to become the Environmental Capital of the UK.

The North Westgate redevelopment represents a unique opportunity for Peterborough and one that we have all long-waited for. It is important that we all prioritise this project in recognition of its regenerative nature – and make sure it happens as soon as possible.